Setting A Cozy Table

Setting A Cozy Table

Friends, family, a crackling fire, warm blankets, soft armchairs, natural materials, candles everywhere, soft lights… to be together, to share a meal in a cozy and warm environment… enjoy the simple things in life with people we love, this is the recipe for happiness! I completely adore this way of living.

When my sister-in-law asked me to create a theme for a get together I immediately thought of the nice contrast I could have between the unfinished wood and the beauty of the crystal… and the dinner theme came to life!

Some of the ideas I came to included:

  • Wood, wood and more wood! As the candlestick holders, under the plates, under the glasses…
  • Candles and soft little lights lots of them.
  • Glass bells, beautiful crystal glasses and a small gift bag for the guests consisting of a candle, a nice bag of tea and a silicone bag to melt chocolate…
  • For our log place mats I searched at length and turned nothing up on the internet… At least I found nothing in diameter we needed. So I advise you to order from a sawmill near you (hopefully you have)! In the end it was simple and not very expensive.

In the end it was a warm setting that allowed the guests to just sit back and relax. The price was anything but extravagant and the end result was simply priceless.

Think big but plan simply, look for the comfort in the items you use to decorate and a cozy table setting is a snap.

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