Have a Garden? Throw a Party!

Have a Garden? Throw a Party!

When the weather is nice it should be a law that you must take advantage of it! I mean you should get everyone outside for a garden party, seriously.

You may have guessed that I love the country atmospheres under the warm sun!

They are easy to arrange and with a few items you can make them elegant and quaint. For the dining area: lay out some planks over trestle desks then throw a large white tablecloths over it and add a few bouquets of simple flowers. Make it even more quaint by using mismatched chairs and a large luminous garland, we picked our garland up at Ikea and I couldn't believe how .

For the appetizers, we created a wooden counter on apple crates… I assure you it was solid, despite a slightly off kilt effect

For drinks, a good wheelbarrow full of ice is perfectly the case!
So you don't have to do the dishes: cardboard plates, glasses and cutlery in pastel colors…

Don't hold back. Remember the sky is the limit, and when you celebrate outside it really is, the limit!

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