The Distance Game

The Distance Game

There are many ways we develop to manage being apart. And it is two fold. For those that are required to be away they have homesickness. For those that are missing their loved one heartache. As a society we have developed alternatives to managing the distance with our loved ones! When you're a million miles away, you have to be resourceful.

My husband has to travel a lot for his work, though it has gotten less in resent years it has and will always be an aspect of his career. In the beginning of our marriage it was really hard. We were forced to find ways to make it easier on ourselves.

First if it is only temporary you can start simply:

Hang pictures up:

If you don't already you can hang pictures up to remind you of your loved ones that aren't there. If you don't have the space keep them in an album. Take it out once a day and look at it. This is a nice method that makes us feel at home.

Technology for the win:

When we got married we didn't have the option to use Whatsapp or Skype, but now we do. And honestly they are the easiest way is to communicate giving you the choice between phone or video calls so that you can get a little face time. Keep up to date on the news and share your latest adventures. When big gaps in the timezone are a problem (i.e. you are both in bed when the other is working) send each other voice messages to allow for real exchange rather than text message.

Do things as a group:

This is something that has been working its way into our setup more and more, though it might sound strange let me explain. As I said before technology has brought us closer together. And you can take it one step further to bring you closer. For example my husband helps in the kitchen sometimes. And when he as access to a kitchen he will often prepare a recipe at the same time we do. Then we'll have our family movie. It can be a lot of fun to try and watch a movie at the exact same time. But that is part of the enjoyment we get out of it. He also follows the series we watch and keeps up to date with the twists and turns. It's a great way to create a bond and also memories when it's hard to share the rest.

Send surprises:

These go both ways but my husband enjoys sending a small gift unexpectedly when he is away. It can be as simple as a card from where he was over the last week. Or a gift purchased while he was away the last few months. It's an opportunity to give your loved one some attention that will always put a smile on their face!

Meet on a trip:

Whether it's in same country where you live, or the one where you loved one is traveling, when you find that it's been too long and find a for both parties to meet and spend some quality time together.

That is how my family has learned to cope with those long absences and we will certainly add to our strategies. How do you do it? Share your ideas and methods when dealing with homesickness or heartache from long distances.

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