My Story Was A History of Doubt

My Story Was A History of Doubt

I have always battled with self-esteem problems, it was more chronic when I was young. Growing up is hard and finding how to fit in has a lot of complicated facets that not everyone figures out right away. And if you don't have that head start it takes that much longer to learn that it is alright to be different.

When I stopped worrying about what others thought of me and started taking myself seriously things got so much better.

Physical activity has many virtues and is a great way to protect against chronic diseases.

Regular physical activity has many benefits, sometimes unsuspected:

  • It allows you to be physically well conditioned which, in addition to improving your athletic performance, will make your daily life easier;
  • It protects against the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, regardless of age;
  • It facilitates stable blood pressure;
  • It is effective for weight maintenance and can reduce the risk of obesity;
  • It improves sleep
  • It effectively fights stress, depression, anxiety;
  • It slows the aging process.

But it also helps improve mental health in a profound way. What to learn how I learned to feel good on a daily basis? Guess.

On top of that I learned the importance of lamenting about the past. This doesn't mean that you should ignore the experiences you have collected but their is a difference in learning from them and lamenting them.

Don't think about the mistakes you've made in the past or how you could have avoided them. We're all human beings.

No one is infallible.

The only thing that needs to be done is to learn the right lessons and at the same time take advantage of them to build a better future. This allows you to avoid internalizing the criticism against you, you won't take it to heart any more.

You know? No matter what you do, you'll always be criticized. For example, when I find myself facing criticism, I take the trouble to consider only those that allow me to improve and give my best. Something that I have shared with my daughter and it is amazing to see how much more you has been able to develop and grow when compared to who I was when I was her age.

Remember those who criticize you are no better than you.

When we are displeased with ourselves it is easy to become blinded. Yet it is important to be grateful for everything we have.

How do you want to be happy on a daily basis if you don't stop comparing yourself to others? This will lead you to envy them? The people that we choose to envy also have their own problems.

Trust me they do.

Even kim K has her problems. Always be proud of what you have because somewhere in the world, there is a person looking for a quarter of what you have.

Learn to be grateful and you will be the most fulfilled person in the world.

And my number one tool is to avoid anger at all costs.

No, anger doesn't do you any help, not one bit. Our parents were right their. While it has zero positive effects on our health, it makes you suffer, takes away all the joy we can get out of life. You can't produce anything positive if you're on edge all the time.

I hope everything I shared with you will be of some use.

If not, tell me! How about you? What makes you feel good on a daily basis?

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