They Aren’t the Love of My Life But They’re Close

They Aren’t the Love of My Life But They’re Close

I love my boobs! Funny I grant you but it is by no way an exaggeration. That's the reality, and I'm not afraid to say it: Yes I love my boobs!

To tell you the truth, not long ago I saw a video that advocated a lot of self-confidence, the fact of taking full responsibility and dressing as we see fit. In the course of the video, she told us about her flat chest and how she wasn't ashamed of it even though society tells her that it is unattractive all of the time.

In short, I agree 100% with everything she says. Listening to her I kept thinking "yes exactly! I also love my chest and I also want to reclaim it." So here I am. I have not prepared this article, so it will certainly be a bit rough, but I think spontaneity was necessary here.

When I had my daughter people made statements like you are never going to be able to feed her with those. All through puberty and high school my breasts were more of a topic than they should have been.

It has begun to change, at least I would like to think that attitudes are changing, that people are becoming more aware of things and want to improve their well-being. Just like the awareness towards food for example. In short, I am one of those people who have stopped wearing a bra, and I am very happy about that.

The relationship I have had with my body has sometimes been difficult. I'm not just talking about breasts. I'm talking about body image, weight, imperfections… Today, I am extremely proud to say that I accepted my body, my size, my complexes. I love my flat chest and I learned not to listen to the remarks, the criticisms, I learned to go over it. And by the way now I know how to answer it. I'm not the type to always let these slights go, saying to myself, "let them talk." But the aspect that was missing was lessing it go.

Today I feel so much better about my body. And I wouldn't consider putting on a bra for anything in the world, the benefits are just too good. For me it has only advantages, and I wonder why I had avoided it for so long.

The post is all over the place. But I just wanted to talk, and share my thoughts with you. I would have liked to talk to you more deeply about or the relationships to our bodies etc, not to mention my own story, but this post would be far too long. Why not in another one? Tell me if you're interested. If I write another one it can be a more structured, maybe look at the pros and cons, give you my experiences in greater depth etc.

I would also very much like to hear your point of view, debate etc.

It you want give me your opinion on the bra free experience, your thoughts can be left in a comment. I always have so much fun talking to you.

Love your body and your breasts!

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