Life Lessons from Michelle Obama

Life Lessons from Michelle Obama

A friend of mind told me a joke she had heard about Michelle Obama. I will try and retell it as best I can, but be warned I can't tell jokes in person so in this format it will really fall flat.

Michelle and Barack are eating out at an Italian restaurant in New York. During the meal the owner of the restaurant comes over to greet them; He's a former lover of Michelle's.

When he leaves Barack says to his wife: Do you realize that if you had continued your relationship with him, you would be the wife of a New York restaurant owner.

Michelle retorts: No, Barack, if I had continued my relationship with him he would have become president of the United States.

A very good friend gave it to me Michelle biography for my birthday. I am only a few pages in so I can't say much about Mrs. Obama and her story yet.

At first, she tells us about her first piano lessons.

I, too, took piano lessons. I was in third grade when my parents decided to enroll me in classes with Ms. V. E. I remember she was wearing glasses on the tip of her nose, she spoke very little which I felt was about as strange as her very red nail polish. In the second lesson, she began to speak to me; and explain the score, it looked like Chinese to me. I interrupted him and asked a question. I remember the dry tone on which she said: "I've already explained it to you once, I won't explain it to you twice!"

I thought she was stupid and it was the first time thought that about an adult. Worse, I didn't understand how she could behave so cold. At home, I told my parents that I was giving up the piano.

I felt a little sad. I asked myself: and if I had a better teacher, what impact would it have had on my life? Would I have been a good musician? At that age, the brain is still developing, perhaps I would have developed different skills that would have taken me elsewhere in life? Perhaps I would not have chosen the same profession?
Who would I have become? Would I have been the same person?

The important thing is that if I hadn't had this experience with Ms. V. E. on my way to growing up, would I have found the right keyboard? The keyboard I am using to write to you.

I'll let you know how the book goes.

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