About Me – The Face of Desperately Lost

About Me – The Face of Desperately Lost

This site is really just a creative project, one that I started to share with you what I love about life and to pass on the little tricks that can make it more enjoyable. At least the tricks that have made it enjoyable for me. My motto is to be positive, help others, exploit my sense of humor and dream.

These are my goals!

Besides that I am a lover of lemon and raspberries.

I need my morning coffee but would describe myself as a tea drinker. I like real tea, traditional, not tea from the grocery in little baggies.

I love British novels though who doesn't? I am currently on a bit more of a Bronte trend than Austen.

I enjoy detective novels. All kinds.

I am a lover of blue and white decoration, lavender is never out of style.

I am passionate about lipstick and glasses though I can go without both.

I am stubborn at heart, rigorous, independent.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

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