A Drive to Learn

A Drive to Learn

A positive attitude allows us to learn better.

Life is built up of a lot of pieces which are almost always unexpected.

I would probably have been a scientist if it wasn't for a couple of teachers I had as a teenager that I really disliked. They turned science into something dreaded, a subject that I had previously loved.

Around the same time, I had two language and literature teachers who were good at what they did, they were excited about their subjects and were generally positive people. One of them is still a valued and trusted friend though her years of teaching have long since ended she is still an encouragement and help to me. I ended up delighted with language, novels and poetry. The power of language to tell ones experiences and make them real for others was amazing.

Unfortunately, there are many teachers in this world who instill their students with some negativity on the subject they teach, whether science or anything else.

There are other teachers who give a love of a subject on that will last a lifetime through their positive attitudes.

Learning is much better and faster with a positive attitude. And a positive attitude is something that can be developed. What helps the most is when you find something you like you need to learn to enjoy the time you spend doing it.

The trick is to find a good teacher, one which makes it a more enjoyable experience.

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